Seasons of Seduction III by Lacey Alexander, Cathryn Fox, Renee Luke, Charlene Teglia, N.J. Walters, Kate Willoughby

Ellora's Cavemen

Ellora's Cave

Erotic Paranormal, Sci-fi, Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419912696

Reviewed by Erys



"The Pirate and the Pussycat" by Lacey Alexander

After last year's Halloween party, Leah isn't as excited about this one. She'd met a really great guy who promised to call her and never did. This year her best friend challenges her to come and find a hunk for a one night stand. Leah shocks both of them by agreeing.

The sex in "The Pirate and the Pussycat" is smoking hot! With a hint of danger, and a lot of competing between Leah and her pirate for domination during sex, this story was a lot of fun to read.


"Panther's Pleasure" by Cathryn Fox

Not once in her entire life, has Sash ever been sick. So why is she now when they are so close to Lannar, the planet Earth has just reopened dealings with? Instead of feeling better once they've landed and she's gone to get a drink, she feels worse. The only thing that feels right is Kade, but how can a total stranger make her feel so good?

Quick paced and full of action, I enjoyed this romp in the jungle. I can't think of one thing I didn't like, except maybe more convincing on the hero's part to get the heroine to let him have his wicked way with her. I liked the characters, the plot, and the whole mystery surrounding Sash and her illness. I want to read more by this author.


"On Her Back" by Renee Luke

Simone has lost her brother and a woman she loved like a mother, but Elijah has lost more than that. He's been discharged from the service because of an injury sustained overseas. Both have lost a great deal, Elijah more than Simone. It's why she's so willing to do anything she can to make things better for him.

"On Her Back" is a tender love story. While there are hot love scenes, the tone of the story is sensual and sweet. I enjoyed the beginning of their healing and wouldn't mind if the story had been longer.


"I Was an Alien's Love Slave" by Charlene Teglia

Fighting a major bout of writer's block, Michelle 'Micki' Sloane goes to a bar in the hopes that people watching can cure her stagnant story. Instead she makes the bartender think she's drunk, and she winds up outside waiting for a cab that never shows. Micki makes a wish and gets something even her writer's mind would never have concocted.

This was nothing like what I expected, but I enjoyed the world Charlene Teglia created. I found this an amusing story, and different from others that I've read recently. "I Was an Alien's Love Slave" had some hot scenes, including voyeurism and menages.


"Sunshine for a Vampire" by N.J. Walters

Sunshine isn't a normal vampire, and the others take great pleasure in reminding her. While other vampires are tall, dark and into questionable things, she is short, blonde, and content to sit at home in her garden and daydream. She never imagines that meeting with the Romanian prince can change her life, and for the better.

My favorite story of the bunch, I will definitely reread "Sunshine for a Vampire" over and over again. As soon as I was finished reading I wanted to email the author and say "WOW, I loved this!" While I didn't like the fact that the vampires were stereotyped as all being tall and dark, I still loved the story. Sunshine had a lot to overcome, and she didn't have to sacrifice any of her values to find true love. I thought this was a great love story.


"A Man of Vision" by Kate Willoughby

Delphine might be a paid companion, but she's not a typical one. She does the best she can to please her customers, and Cristoforo is no different. Though he doesn't treat her as well as she is used to, he pays her more money than she'd ever thought she could earn in one month. The salary makes up for a lot of things, until she finds herself breaking the most important rule: She's fallen in love with her employer.

Delphine is more complex of a character than I originally thought, making "A Man of Vision" a heart-warming story. Two people with a lot to overcome, and an attraction that sets them on fire makes this such an interesting story. While I did enjoy this story, I wished I had liked the characters more. Most of my problem with the story was not the writing, nor the heroine's occupation, but the fact that she admitted to working for married men. That is one of my taboo subjects, but I still found the story worth reading.


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