Sea Fever by Virginia Kantra

The Children of the Sea, Book 2

Berkley Sensation

Paranormal/Shape shifter

ISBN: 978-0-425-22297-3

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Regina Barone wants to experience life for a change. Feeling a bit low because the only available man on the island just got married, Regina wishes she could let go and forget for one minute that she has responsibilities.  While on a break from her duties as caterer to Caleb Hunter’s wedding reception, Regina grabs some wine and heads to the beach.  A few glasses later, she runs into Dylan Hunter, Caleb’s older though very young looking brother.  Dylan’s scent calls to Regina and before she knows it she is experiencing the seduction of a lifetime. 

Dylan is a selkie and as such, he wants to experience very little as a human.  While he has his own home on an island in which to be human, Dylan is much more at ease in the sea.  When the prince of the selkies sends him on a mission, Dylan is very reluctant and hesitant but follows orders.  After all, Regina Barone was just a fluke, right? Dylan could not be more wrong. 

It seems as if the demons are back at World’s End and it is up to Dylan to keep the one they are after safe.  In between his duties to his prince and his desires as a man, Dylan and Regina’s relationship changes with the tides.  What will happen when the demons are gone? Will he stay or will he once again head out to sea?

Having read Sea Witch, also by Virginia Kantra, I couldn’t wait to read Sea Fever.  Dylan nabbed my attention when he was introduced and his seduction of Regina on the beach made me sweat.  I loved how he was adamant that he was a selkie and as such would NOT have any human ties and he would NOT become dependent on a human and he would NOT stay near World’s End.  I loved it because I knew it was a bunch of hogwash.  Dylan no more could have left Regina than a man on the moon. Regina was just as tough and guarded because she had been burned before and I couldn’t blame her.  I found their relationship complex and very real. 

Sea Fever by Virginia Kantra is a must read! Dylan’s gruffness and Regina’s boundaries add up to a wonderful tale of how true love can defrost even the most frozen of hearts.  Add in the teaser at the end about Sea Lord, the third book of this wonderful series, and I am totally hooked and looking forward to the next installment! 


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