Riptide Love by Melissa Lopez

The Thorns, Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-60504-203-9

Reviewed Nannette



Ethan Thorn has just made another rescue in the raging sea.  All in a days work for the rescue swimmer. Once he gets got them to safety, Ethan sees that the woman he’s rescued is Denae Button, a woman he shared a week of hot sex with until he found out that she was his brother’s fiancée.  Things ended badly between Ethan and Denae and they haven’t seen each other in a few years. Now coming face to face with her again, the feelings Ethan had for Denae, and tried so hard to hide, are surfacing again.

Denae is nervous. She’ll be forced to tell Ethan about their son now. A deep attraction still sizzles between them, but will the pain of their past and the harsh reality of the present make it impossible for Ethan and Denae to start over?

Ethan and Denae have their work cut out for them in Riptide Love.  Their passionate affair turned ugly when their true identities were revealed. Once reunited, their current situation seems bleak at best. Love and lust prevails though! I like the realism in Ethan and Denae’s relationship. From their first erotic encounter to the way things play out with their son and their feelings about each other, their reactions and feelings are genuine.  Riptide Love is another hot and romantic story about the sexy, Aussie Thorn Brothers.  I can’t wait to read Miller’s story!


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