Riding Temptation by Jaci Burton

Wild Riders, Book 2

Berkley Heat

Contemporary Erotic 

ISBN-10: 0425223574, ISBN-13: 978-0425223574

Reviewed by Indy



Infiltrating a biker gang in hopes of finding the evidence needed to bring them to justice for illegal arms sells is a hard enough job for an experienced operative like Diaz. The last thing he wants to do is baby sit Jessie, a hellion bent on playing with the big boys even though hes adamant she's not ready. The youngest member of the Wild Rider Crew, a band of misfits turned legit, Jessie has yet to be given a chance to put her training to use. Ready and anxious she's unwilling to let Diaz stop her from getting the chance to prove she's more than able and ready to bring down the bad guys.

Good thing Jessie is just as stubborn as the man she desires and she refuses to give up her dream of having Diaz. Pulling out every trick in her arsenal, in her book, to make him realize she's no longer the starry-eyed teenager he first met is just what shes willing to do.

Diaz is a man who's tortured by his past, a past filled with violence and rage. Rage hes been able to control and the last thing a rough and tumble guy like him needs is to touch an innocent like Jessie. He will have to keep his cool as he takes his team into the clutches of what could be a life threatening assignment but most of all he will have to figure out a way to keep his hands to himself.

Continuing her streak of impressive offerings Jaci Burton's latest Wild Rider addition brings plenty of fire and excitement in a story that makes me rethink the appeal of bikers. In Riding Temptation, a rough agent with a cynical view of the world is paired with a fresh eyed young woman who refuses to take no for an answer. From the beginning, the story takes on an emotional intensity that's palpable but intriguing. Jaci created a heroine who was sharp and street smart but still an overwhelming innocent. Rounding off this winning combination is Diaz, the strong silent and take-charge type who was able to bypass his rough beginnings and make a career on the right side of the law. Riding Temptation is definitely a keeper and great complement to the Wild Riders series.


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