Ride a Cowboy by Pamela Labud

Ride a Cowboy, Book 1

Cobblestone Press

Western m/f

ISBN:  978-1-600088-258-6

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Ranch owner and ex-convict, Wade Reynolds, is being cut off from the surrounding water supply and risks defaulting on his bank loan, violating probation, and being thrown back into prison unless he can get local brothel owner, Lily Barnett to sign a contract for water rights.  Cynical of his motives, Lily isn't about to let any man take advantage of the situation and makes a few demands of her own.  Wade will have to prove himself in bed before Lily will sign anything!

In Ride a Cowboy, we never learn why Wade served time in prison, but we do know he was tied and whipped, and he won't suffer the same from Lily's hands.  It was fun to read the clashing of wills between Lily and Wade, and the sizzling, hot contract negotiations.  Both Lily and Wade have past issues that could interfere with any hopes of a real relationship outside of their business dealings.   I enjoyed Wade's dominance and Lily's backbone, and look forward to book 2, Back in the Saddle and book 3, Unbridled.


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