Reilly’s Woman by Marilyn Lee

Ellora’s Cave

Futuristic, Light Bondage

ISBN: 9781419916908

Reviewed by Shayna



From the moment they met, Khristine has been in love with Reilly.  The two have been happily and passionately in love for years.  Yet five years back, Reilly told Khristine he wanted to be able to see other women.  Though dismayed at the thought, Khristine agreed, and now Reilly has convinced her to take two weeks away from him and visit a resort where her wildest fantasies can be fulfilled.  But this resort is more than what it seems.  Even as Khristine encounters the mysterious man who has been haunting her fantasies, she begins to learn more about herself, and Reilly, than she ever could have imagined.

Without giving away any spoilers, I can safely say that Reilly’s Woman has an interesting premise.  Khristine and Reilly’s relationship does not appear to be the usual stuff of romance novels, so I was intrigued to read and discover how Marilyn Lee would provide her characters with a happy ending that I would find satisfying.  Ms. Lee did succeed, but. unfortunately, I found the story not fully to my taste.  While the characters were likeable enough and the premise of the story was interesting, there was simply too much going on in too short a tale.  Reilly’s Woman felt a bit crammed with information and events, and the story might have been better served by expanding more on what was going on.  In essence, I didn’t connect with the characters or the obstacles they had to overcome because I was too busy keeping up with what was going on.  All in all, I found Reilly’s Woman to be interesting, but not, perhaps, the story for me.


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