Regularly Scheduled Life by KA Mitchell

Samhain Publishing

Gay Contemporary

ISBN:  1-60504-184-X

Reviewed by Cassie



After six years together, teacher Sean Farnham and architect Kyle DeRusso are their friends’ shining example of the perfect relationship.  Then in one day everything changes.  Sean is shot while stopping a shooting in progress at his school.  At first, Kyle is terrified for his lover’s life.  Afterward, he’s afraid things will never get back to normal.

Being shot thrusts Sean into the spotlight, and he sees an opportunity to do something good.  Suddenly public appearances and physical therapy are taking over his life.  Will Sean and Kyle be able to return to their regularly scheduled life, or will secrets and publicity tear them apart?

Regularly Scheduled Life is a truly heart-wrenching story that really hit hard for me.  Everything about it rang true, from the shooting itself to the emotional fallout.  Tough, stubborn, self-reliant Sean is unwilling to let Kyle do things for him and determined to bring hope out of tragedy.  I sympathized with him even when I wanted to smack him for hiding his pain from Kyle.  Kyle wants to understand what Sean is going through, but at the same time he just wants things to go back to normal.  He struggles to hold back his temper and do what Sean needs, even when Sean doesn’t want to let him.  Kyle made a lot of mistakes too, but he seemed more vulnerable and I just wanted to hug him.  The secondary characters—Sean and Kyle’s families, their friends Jack and Tony, the publicist, Brandt, and students and families affected by the shooting—are very well done and believable.  KA Mitchell did an excellent job of writing about a painful and tragic issue with sensitivity, emotion, and realism.  While Regularly Scheduled Life isn’t an easy or lighthearted read, I am very glad I read it.


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