Red Stone of Passion by Tuesday Morrigan

Total-e-Bound Publishing

Paranormal, Shape-Shifter, Vampire, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-906590-86-4

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Riana Ruben leads a double life.  By day, she’s an exchange student in Paris, and by night, she reclaims stolen jewels as a member of Greedy Girls, Inc.  Her skills and abilities come in handy while retrieving the Red Stone of Passion, a legendary jewel with a dark supernatural history.  Of course, she has no defenses against the two males determined to uncover her clandestine activities and claim her as theirs.

Blaze has many secrets, which is how he becomes embroiled in a plot with a shady curator to discover the gem’s whereabouts.   The path leads him to Riana, and even more astonishing revelations. 

Meanwhile, reformed jewel thief Ishmael, has been hired by Riana’s uncle to help uncover her secrets, all the better to protect her in the process.  From the first, Ishmael is overcome by more than just mere lust when it comes to Riana. 

I’ll be the first to say that Blaze and Ishmael define sex and masculinity to the infinite.  Poor Riana doesn’t stand a chance when they move in to double team her.   She matches them toe-to-toe, by forcing the formidable duo to earn their place in her world.  Anyone reading this story would switch places with her in a heartbeat, gemstone or not.  

If writing the ménage a trois is a science, then Tuesday Morrigan has mastered the technique and turned it into art.  She doesn’t stint on the tech gadgets either, or the fascinating array of supporting characters that enhance the narrative.  All in all, there’s just the right amount of everything.  The sex was copious, but wasn’t used to carry the plot.  You might have noticed that I’m commenting, not complaining about it. 

Red Stone of Passion takes three unusual people and throws them into an action and intrigue filled plot, with scorching hot sex for good measure.  Once again, Ms. Morrigan delivers another jewel of a tale that sparkles.


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