Red Hot and Royal by Susanna Carr


Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0-451-22399-9

Reviewed by Nannette



Zain, Prince of Mataar, Crown Prince Rafael of Tiazza, and Prince Santos do not want to get married and they plan to put it off as long as possible.

There is a prophecy that states on Zain's thirtieth birthday, the woman who kisses him at midnight will become his bride. Zain thinks he's safe on his business trip to America's Heartland but when he sees Lauren Ballinger's seductive dance in a nightclub, he's a goner. Lauren was just trying to fulfill one of her friend's last wishes by kissing a prince, but what she gets may be the answer to her own dreams.

Shayla Pendley was just helping her friend, Luca, when she meets the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, she was wearing Luca's shirt, and nothing else. Prince Rafael wants Shayla away from his brother. He wants her for himself.  Shayla is trying to deceive Rafael but she's falling for him too.

Kylee Dawes is an image consultant. Her latest project is to make Prince Santos a gentleman, but one look at surfer-boy Santo's handsome face and she’s having trouble keeping her thoughts proper. Santos thinks there is a lot more to Kylee than business suits. He plans on stripping her of her stuffy clothes and getting to the real woman underneath.

In Red Hot and Royal, Zain and Lauren try to fight destiny to no avail, Shayla and Rafael fight an intense attraction with no success, and Kylee and Santos try to fight who they are, but they happily fail. Three seemingly ordinary women meet three sinfully sexy Princes and rock their world in Red Hot and Royal. The sex is very hot. It taps into secret fantasies bringing them to life with a good dose of humor and tender romance. When these three princes fall, it's hard and it's fast. Just the way I like it! Zain is a little reserved, Rafael is responsible, and Santos is all about having a good time. They are paired with their perfect match. The sparks fly right off the bat and the chemistry between each couple is strong. Red Hot and Royal is sexy, fun, and very romantic!


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