Reaper's Reward by Marie Harte

Loose Id

Contemporary BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-59632-490-9

Reviewed by Willow



Ethan Reaper is of the opinion that he will never find the kind of woman he wants in his life. That someone who will submit to him and follow his orders in the bedroom.  After an aborted weekend of sex with the woman he thought was perfect for him, Ethan is feeling less than satisfied. He needs a change so he takes a new case offered to his company, H & R Securities, to take his mind off his woman troubles. He'll be away from the normal day to day and smack in the middle of a sex resort. Sure, that'll help.

Jewel Marciella works for Dreemer's Inc, her uncle's retrieval service. And she's very good at restoring items to their rightful owners. She knows she is a strong, independent woman. So why is she worried when her uncle assigns her to retrieve some incriminating items from an exclusive sex resort. Jewel can control herself so why is she so nervous? And, no, Jewel is not aroused by Ethan's dominance.

Fighting her attraction to Ethan makes doing her job harder, she can't concentrate. Ethan's job is to keep a one-of-a-kind artifact from being stolen and to keep the resort's owner, Rick Hastings, from being killed.  Ethan thinks he has Jewel pegged as the would-be thief and knows just how to keep her too busy to steal what she's after.  While the method is most pleasurable for them both, things are not what they appear to be.  And Rick's life is still in danger.

The story kept my attention, the characters were real and the sex was hot! Reaper's Reward is one of those books that takes you through enough twists and turns to make you wonder who the bad guy really is. You never quite know until the end. Ms. Harte is a wonder at keeping you wondering right to the end of the book. I would recommend Reaper's Reward even without the studly men and hot sex. I loved it.


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