Prince of Love by Donna Grant

The Royal Chronicles, Book 3


ISBN 978-1-906328-13-9

Erotic Paranormal

Reviewed by Nannette



Prince Sorin Sinclair has left his kingdom in Drahcir to find his mate. Because of a curse placed upon them, each prince must bring their mate home or the kingdom and its people will cease to exist. The Tnargs will try and stop them. Once Sorin finds his mate, he must protect her with his life or the Tnarg will kill her.  Katrina is reluctant to believe Sorinís story and even more reluctant to leave her family. With time running out, Sorin must convince Katrina that they are destined to be together.

Prince of Love is exiting and romantic. Itís a classic boy-saves-girl story where the villain is predictable and Sorin gets to save the day. Sorin is a man on a mission when it comes to his mate. He is still considerate of her feelings and compassionate about the tough decision she has to make. Katrina is swept away by Sorinís attentions and, therefore, accepts him easily.  Prince of Love follows the same plot as the previous stories in this series. It works well. Itís a sensual love story.


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