Power Play

Power Play by J.M. Snyder


Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-4357-2605-5

Reviewed by Nannette



Ryan Talonovich was the star of his college hockey team before he was seriously hurt at practice. The injuries he sustained have put him in a wheel chair. Itíll be a long time before he can walk again, never mind skate. Ryan is angry and depressed. Watching his teammates skate makes him feels worse. Itís at the rink that he meets Dante Espinoza. Dante is an exceptionally talented speed skater working towards his dream of going to the Olympics. Ryan and Dante hit it off and soon, romance follows. Dante has to work hard to afford to skate, his mom doesnít approve of it, and heís got issues with his teammates. Ryan is hurting, mentally and physically, and his momís over protectiveness is driving him nuts. Will the love Dante and Ryan find in each otherís arm see them through the rough road ahead?  

Power Play is a wonderful love story. Itís full of angst and passion. The emotion pours off of every page. Whether it is Danteís feelings about his lecherous boss or his need for his motherís approval or Ryanís fight to get back on his feet or his struggle to cope with his motherís over protectiveness, you can feel every one of their emotions. The love and desire Dante and Ryan have for each other creates one poignant and erotic moment after another. Power Play has fantastic characterization. You really get to know Dante and Ryan, who they are, where theyíre going and what makes them tick. The same can be said for every character in the story. The innocent and intense feelings Dante and Ryan have for each other are extremely endearing and sexy. Ryan is shy and nervous. Heís strong, but reduced to near helplessness. It doesnít sit well with him and he struggles to find himself again throughout the story. Dante is exactly what Ryan needs. Heís protective, honorable, and gorgeous. His own battles are hard won.  I felt intimately a part of Dante and Ryanís relationship as it unfolded across the pages. Power Play is uplifting and beautiful, although, I wanted more at the end. I wasnít done reading about Dante and Ryan! Power Play is another example of why J.M. Snyder is one of the best authorís of gay romance.


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