Poseidon VII by S.J. Willing

PIACT Undercover Agent, Book 2

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 1-59998-503-9

Reviewed by Jambrea



Anis Anamer is forced to use a body guard when her life is in danger. She finds herself drawn to Simon Delamer and wants him for more than a guard, but as CEO of the Company, she needs to keep her distance.

When Simon is put to the test and forced to keep Anis safe from her brother and the invaders, she finds there is more to him then he has let on.

Simon needs to protect Anis, but more than that, he needs to protect his people. Will he be able to help them both? When Anis finds out more of Simon's past, will she be able to forgive? Can the two survive the trials ahead?

Poseidon VII is out of this world! S.J. Willing keeps this action-pack story moving and shaking with new obstacles at every turn. Anis is so focused and needs Simon to help her loosen up. The supporting characters are well-rounded and make me want to know more. The enemy is wicked and a strong presence making this story multi-layered. I wanted to know just as much about the enemy as I did Anis and Simon. I love this world and want more. I know there is a third book in the works and I can't wait for it because it was set up so well in Poseidon VII.

I love the fact that Anis is the CEO and such a strong female lead. She is a take-no-prisoners type of girl and just the kind that I enjoy reading about. Simon isn't a slouch either. He needs to be strong in order to be Anis' hero. Poseidon VII is a great Sci-Fi read with romance wrapped through, making it a great story and it has me needing more.


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