Pleasure Planet by Evangeline Anderson



Erotic Sci-Fi

ISBN: 0-7582-1649-1

Reviewed by Ley



‘The Girl, The Geek, and the Time Machine’

To save her job Kara Wilson is willing to do anything, even strip naked with a co-worker who’s working on a time machine and travel back into time.  Once she sees how well the machine works she uses it to fix other aspects of her life, much to the disappointment of the sexy scientist who invented it.

‘The Girl, The Geek, and the Time Machine’ is sweet, sexy and very funny.  Kara cracked me up.  Her determination to make her fiancé all that she wants him to be while rubbing up naked with Ethan is quite outrageous.  She quickly learns tampering with the past can be disastrous for the future. ‘The Girl, The Geek, and the Time Machine’ was the perfect story to begin this anthology it compelled me to want to read more.


‘Mirror of the Heart’

Full figured and beautiful Taylor Simms is about to have an out of this world experience with a man who can appreciate every inch of her. 

‘Mirror of the Heart’ is quite good with an interesting plot.  The plot is not only hot but there is also sadness to it where Reese is concerned.  Taylor was needed for Reese to do his job, but she was also needed for him to experience pleasure that not only touched his heart but healed it as well.  I liked this story and enjoyed the twist to it.


‘Wild-Men and Wormholes’

Ariel Stone-Tarrington is an anthropologist, exploring is in her blood.  On her latest expedition a man who is equally interested in exploring her as she is in exploring him rescues Ariel.  Kor is like no man Ariel has ever encountered and her spineless rodent of a fiancé could never compare.  

‘Wild-Men and Wormholes’ is all about the discovery and treasures you find when you are willing to be adventurous and take chances.  Ariel and Kor found that with each other, and ‘Wild-Men and Wormholes’ was the perfect conclusion to this Anthology.

Pleasure Planet is a very hot and sexy anthology.  Evangeline Anderson shows off her comedic talents as well as her sensual side with these stories.  I enjoyed all three and I know readers will find one if not all of them to their liking.


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