Phantom Pleasures by Julie Leto

Signet Eclipse

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: (13) 978-0-451-22365-4; (10) 0-451-22365-9

Reviewed by Sabella



Alexa Chandler has, since her father’s death, dedicated a hundred percent of her energies and time to the running of the Crown Chandler Empire to the detriment of her love life, such as it is.  So when Alexa discovers her father left her a secluded island, with its very own castle, she seizes the chance to make her girlish romantic fantasies come true, even if there is no Prince Charming waiting for her.

But as Alexa begins to explore the island and castle, her brother gives her a “protection” charm that sets off a chain of events that turn Alexa’s life upside down.  Suddenly, Alexa awakens the phantom that lived within the sole item in the seemingly abandoned castle – a painting, she is experiencing passion the likes of which she never imagined possible and her brother, Jacob, is upping his usual strange behavior.  But when Alexa discovers there is much more at play than a single piece of real estate she discovers things she never thought possible – will she accept the unbelievable or will her stubbornness condemn a man to a magical prison for more years?

Phantom Pleasures is a paranormal treasure hunt that will keep surprising you at every turn.  Alexa is a modern-day Cinderella, except that she is the one with the money, status, and a castle to boot.  Alexa believes that the only thing lacking in her life is a passionate lover that only intrudes in her life at nightfall and conveniently disappears at sunrise.  However, when she gets exactly that with Damon, the phantom that inhabits her castle, Alexa slowly learns that there is more to life than keeping her late father’s empire alive.  While the paranormal element within the book is strong, its importance in the plot is haphazard and not really explored or explained fully.  Also, the abundance of secondary characters, which at times were more interesting that the main couple, left little room for the development of the main storyline and present a unifying thread in the action that brought all the different sub-plots together before the very end of the story.  In the end, Phantom Pleasures is an interesting and entertaining read for lovers of paranormal romances.


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