One True Thing by Doreen Rainey

Kimani Press

African American Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1583144336

Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Jasmine Larson has spent the majority of her adult life working a job that brought great satisfaction from deep within.  As a social worker, she fought to keep children safe from physical abuse.  Once up on a time, Jasmine thought that she would share her justice for cause with her husband-to-be; however, just when they were about to be married, her fiancé left her high and dry to take a well-paid job at a prominent law firm.  From that day forth, Jasmine vowed to never become involved with a man who valued money more than anything else and especially if he was rich.  For many years Jasmine kept to her promise until she met an attorney by the name of Terrence McKinley.  Not only did Terrence wear down her defenses against dating in general; but, over a period of time he also proved to her that having with a large bank account didn’t make the man – it was his values and beliefs.  Their love affair slowly developed into something very special that later lead to an engagement to be married.  And, then fate decided to test the strength their union by throwing an obstacle in their path.  Instead of trusting in Terrence’s judgment, Jasmine chose to return to her old way of thinking and ended their relationship.  Will Terrence write Jasmine off as a lost cause or will he do everything within his power to convince her that they were meant to live a blissful life as man and wife?

One True Thing was a novel that brought forth mixed emotions from deep within me.  Most of them were annoyance towards Jasmine for her continued dislike of wealthy people.  Overall, Jasmine was a wonderful, caring person otherwise she would not have been able to maintain her job as skillful, compassionate social worker.  On the other hand, I admired Terrence’s nerve of steel to remain firm with his love for Jasmine in spite of her particular negative point of view.  I personally would have kicked her to the curb a long time ago.  Yet, because of Terrence’s willingness to never give up Jasmine was finally able to see her unfairness.  On the flip side, when the couple were going through happy times all was sweet and loving.  It was during those moments where my emotions were on a delightful high and Jasmine was a favorite heroine.  I must admit that Ms. Rainey successfully kept me reading One True Thing to see just how much Jasmine was willing to sacrifice before she finally saw the light.


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