"Get Out Or Die!" by Kim Cox

Lana Malloy makes a living solving mysteries and helping spirits move on. As a Private Investigator specializing in the unusual, she feels the need to use her gift as there is so much heartache in the world.  Her current case involves finding out why the family friend that left the house to his friend and her partnerís survivors now want them out of the house.

"Get Out or Die!" revisits Lana Malloy and her fiancť Tony. Kim Cox writes an excellent tale of angst and murder. I found myself sympathizing with Lana and the issues she has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. As well appreciating the logical way she solves the mystery set before her.


"Restless Spirit" by Elizabeth Delisi

Laura St. Clair is moving. Moving out of the house that her and her late husband dreamed of. Moving out of the house where she lost both her husband and, a year later, her son. While packing she finds an Ouija board that starts on its own. She finds a like soul in Rafe who is morning his recently deceased brother. Rafe is a mystery that she needs to find the answer to. And she is running out of time, or is she?

"Restless Spirit" is a tale of a person bringing themselves out of despair and learning to find interest in something new. With a twist that shows how the future can be affected by different factors. Elizabeth Delisi keeps the reader wondering what is happening and then finishes the tale off with the right hopeful tone.


"Believing in Dreams" by Chris Grover

Nicole is alone since her motherís death. She finds a photograph that may hold the secret of her motherís past. It invades her dreams. She follows the trail to a village in Quebec where she feels herself being watched. Wondering what happened in her familyís past.

"Believing in Dreams" tells of looking in the past to find ones future. Chris Grover tells an entrancing tale of a woman finding herself. Of a person looking around and truly seeing what others no longer look at. A very likeable tale.


"ĎNeath Hallowed Halls and Ivied Walls" by Maureen McMahon

Stacy and Peter are physically reunited going to their former Professorís funeral. Neither can believe he committed suicide. Their investigation into the cause of his death is their final gift to him. They canít help wondering whether his research into cults and Satanism played part of the story of his death?

A romance with intrigue mixed in, "ĎNeath Hallowed Halls and Ivied Walls" is an intriguing tale of curiosity and belief in someone you think you know. Of looking into the past to find answers to current issues. Maureen McMahon weaves a tale that keeps you reading till the final paragraph.


"Enigma" by Sheryl Hames Torres

Brace is a cop who meets Amy at the site of a horrific death. His instincts tell him she cannot be guilty of what she is accused of. He pretends to be her bodyguard to find out what is truly going on. Will he be able to believe it? Will he be able to help Amy before she is seriously hurt?

As the final tale of the anthology, "Enigma" leaves the reader with the right mix of suspense and romance. Sheryl Hames Torres writes with a flowing style that keeps the reader wondering whether Amy and Brace will be able to overcome the problems thrown at them

One Touch Beyond are five smartly written tales of paranormal encounters. Each tale maintains the overall theme of the book while maintaining each storyís unique take on paranormal encounters. Each story can be enjoyed on its own or as part of the complete anthology. Definitely worth the time taken to read them.


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