One Hot Summer by Alicia Sparks

Loose Id

Contemporary BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-59632-527-2

Reviewed by Willow



It’s gonna be a long hot summer. Summer Burgundy is out for revenge. She wanted the head librarian position but she was passed over for Marcus Welks, her old college professor. She also knows him as Master Marcus, the man she ran from graduation night. The man who has fueled her fantasies ever since. She really doesn’t like him…right?

Marcus Welks left behind the world he was a part of when he went too far with a sub. It had been years since he was a part of that lifestyle so it should be relatively simple to deny that part of him. Or it would be if the object of his own fantasies wasn’t right under his nose all day. He catches himself daydreaming about Summer and all the discipline she craves more than he should. It’s gonna be a long hot summer.

One Hot Summer…is…well…hot! What woman wouldn’t want her walking, talking fantasy close at hand? Ok, so it might make things interesting. I really liked Marcus and Summer. The tension between the two of them was enough to make me sweat. Bring out the fan cause it is definitely One Hot Summer.


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