One for the Team by Jet Mykles

Loose Id

Non-Traditional Sexuality

ISBN: 978-1-59632-711-5

Reviewed by Jo



Jen has just been dropped by her first lover, Alex, and she canít figure out why.  After smoldering on it for a bit, Jen decides it has to be something about her and she asks her four best friends, Ken, Bart, Davey, and Jason.  Yes, her best friends are all guys, but Jen sees herself as one of the guys for the most part. 

The guys all try to tell Jen that Alex is a jerk and it isnít her, but Jen is not buying it.  So deciding that actions speak louder than words, they decide to show Jen that there is nothing wrong with her.  Suddenly Jen is not only seeing her best buds differently, but she is sleeping with them.  Good intentions aside, Jen is starting to freak and afraid she will lose everything.  But sometimes it takes unusual actions to find what is in front of you the entire time.

I have come to expect absolutely anything when I open up one of Jet Myklesí books and One for the Team was no exception.  Jen is positive that itís all her fault that Alex walked away from her.  Ken, Bart, Davey, and Jason know there is nothing wrong with Jen and decide to show their best friend that maybe she isnít just ďone of the guys.Ē  I could almost see Jen wondering if she had fallen down Aliceís hole as her adventures began.  There are many types of love and caring, which Jen and her friends discover.  Ms. Mykles had me wondering just how Jen was going to find her happy ending, but when I came to a sharp left, I knew that Jen and her friends were going to get a happy ending I didnít see coming.  I loved One for the Team and recommend it as a fun and light-hearted way to spend a few hours.  I know that I will be re-opening the cover for another reading and bet that you will, too.


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