Nothing But Trouble by Jenna Byrnes


Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN-13: 978-1-59426-512-9

Reviewed by Nannette



Adrian Scott is a waiter/bartender in Graham Elliottís Las Vegas casino. When Graham propositions Adrian for a few nights of hot sex, Adrian is shocked but the lure of fifty thousand dollars and a chance to be with his sexy boss has him eagerly agreeing. They both get what they want but when their agreement is up, what happens when Adrian wants more?

Nothing But Trouble is very hot and romantic. Angst, hot sex, and tender emotions fill the pages.  Adrianís desperate pleas for Grahamís love are heartbreaking. Graham is determined to keep things simple and hidden. Heís struggling with his own sexuality and whatís expected of him. Adrian is a sweet guy. At first, Graham seems hard on him but things work out in the end. Nothing But Trouble is a fun, heartwarming, and sexy story.


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