No Room for Etiquette by Celia Jade



ISBN: 978-1-55487-082-0

Reviewed by Tanya



This is not turning into Madieís month.  She was just downsized at work and at home.  Of course the apartment is her boyfriendís so she needs to find another place to live, which should be interesting while unemployed. 

She finds a job in the want ads for a 6 week position as a live in housekeeper for a successful lawyer.  Once Madie meets Adam she thinks it is too bad this isnít a permanent position.  The man is one hot lawyer.

Adam is stunned to meet his new housekeeper.  What was his assistant thinking?  How will he ever be able to concentrate on this important case with a goddess living in his house?

Will they keep their thoughts to themselves or will the living conditions push things over the edge?

No Room for Etiquette is a super fast paced story that I enjoyed.  Madie has fallen on hard times, when it rains it pours, but things work out for her.  I think Ms. Jade did a great job showing how both might fight an attraction and want to keep the positions they each have but grow to care for each other.  No Room for Etiquette has made me want to read other stories by Ceila Jade.


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