Night of Sin by Marilyn Lee

Elloraís Cave

Paranormal, Mťnage, Vampire Erotica

ISBN: 9781419917356

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Detective Chandra Huntís best friend Valerie has been missing for months.   A strange tip leads her to an adult club called Foreplay, where she first encounters the charismatic vampire, Sin-Bad Stoner.  Chandra falls for Sin-Badís badness, bait, hook, line and sinker.  When she arrives at his home and meets his equally stunning brothers, the rest of Sinís plan explodes into full affect. 

Sin-Bad has been searching for someone like Chandra for centuries after losing the woman he loved.  Chandra is strong-willed and independent, challenging him at every turn.  After sharing one passionate night where all their carnal desires are fulfilled, it is all the confirmation that he needs.  But first, she must be willing to yield everything to him, including her freedom. 

Night of Sin blazed off the pages until I just knew I was going blind from the heat glare.  There is no getting around the graphically sexual language, descriptions, and encounters between Mega-Alpha Sin and his obsession, Chandra.  This is a tale of sheer dominance that is mental, emotional and physical on the most primal level.  

Sin-Bad is so ruthlessly domineering that he sometimes scared me, very much like an adrenaline shot.  Ms. Leeís writing was quite effective in projecting what it means to have a Dom on this level seize complete control of his woman.  Chandra fought but she never stood a chance from the word go. 

Thatís not to say thereís no substance here, au contraire.   The dialogue between Sin-Bad and Chandra is movie quality, and carries the weight of some interesting psychological truths about the relationship dynamic between men and women, vampires and humans.  

Iím shying away from revealing a few interesting plot twists, which makes it worth the read.  Night of Sin rocked my world, set my retinas afire, and made me wonder just what it would be like to be in Chandraís place for a night or far, far longer.


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