More Than Words by Kelly Kirch

Resplendence Publishing

Historical, Time-Travel

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Kylie Dobson lets her characters develop the story, while she fills in the rest.  She uses a bare-bones sketch, featuring a dashing Regency hunk, Milo, Lord Grafton, and a sweet young debutante, Lady Celeste Sutterfield.  Kylie maps out the direction to bring them together.  Too bad Milo refuses to cooperate, no matter what she tries to write.  It’s so difficult she hears him disagreeing with her, and the next thing you know, he’s sitting across from her and flirting!  Kylie is sure that she’s losing her mind from working too hard to meet her deadline.

Once Kylie is swept into the past, Milo continues to pursue her romantically, no matter how hard she tries to dissuade him.  She created him for Miss Sutterfield, not to mention he’s a fictitious character!  Milo is a gentleman with more than his fair share of stubbornness and a bag of naughty tricks to convince Kylie that she’s the woman for him, and not the insipid miss she keeps pushing his way.  Kylie struggles to keep her head and heart, while fighting against becoming a character in her own story.  There’s also a subplot involving a murder twist, which means everyone is in danger, including Milo and Kylie.                                                                                                                                                       

I felt that Resplendence Publishing author Ms. Kelly Kirch has a special gift for lively and ingenious storytelling.  I suspect every author and reader has fantasized about having their favorite book or character come to life.  More Than Words boldly and convincingly takes the plunge and makes our wildest wishes come true.  There’s a splash of Agatha Christie, a touch of Jane Austen and a sprinkle Georgette Heyer in this story with enough contemporary mischief from our 21st century author/heroine.  When Kylie and Milo hit the sheets, it is thunder, lightening, and so racy that all the build up was more than worth it.  I would have liked more period details, but there was enough here to do the setting and plot justice.  More Than Words reminded me why I remain a fan to time-travel and historical genres.


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