Monkeying Around by Michelle Hasker

The Agency, Book 3

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-59596-960-6

Reviewed by Jambrea



Jessica and Chase must pose as lovers in order to take down a dangerous drug dealer, but Erik Hardaway is wondering if the two really are a couple. 

Will Jessica be able to stay out of trouble or will her monkeying around get them both killed before they have a chance at real happiness?

Jessica and Chase are back for another fun romp in Monkeying Around.  At the end of No Monkey Business, the couple is put to the test of posing as a couple to gain entrance into a drug lordís home and Monkeying Around is the story of their mission. 

This third installment of The Agency series is just as action-packed as the first.  In Monkeying Around, I got to see more of Jessica and how insecure she really is.  Chase is the best thing that ever happened to her and once she learns to trust, there is no going back for the couple.  Michelle Hasker has such fun with this series that I canít wait for the next installment of these hot and sexy action books.


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