Model Behavior by Janie Mason

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-211-0

Reviewed by Vivian


Molly is a commercial artist who, after suffering from sexual harassment at a previous job, makes it a point to disguise herself at this job.  Her best friend and coworker Scott doesn’t even know the “real” Molly.  When Scott needs money to bail out his delinquent brother, and won’t take Molly’s money, she comes up with the scheme of inventing this twin sister who happens to need a model and is willing to pay.

Molly’s fictional sister Mary is everything Scott wants, but realizes that she’s not what she seems either.  But the truth will always come out.  Will this truth ruin their friendship?  Will love survive this deception?

Model Behavior has a great premise.  The fictional sister gives Molly the opportunity to show Scott a taste of who she really is without having to hide behind her bulky clothes.  I kept wondering how she was going to get out of this huge lie.  Janie Mason wrote that with great tact and empathy.  I was not thrilled by the deception, but understood why it was there.  I’m so glad that Scott got his chance to see the truth for himself.  Model Behavior is a really great story about two people who already love each other, but don’t know it.  The journey of discovering that is what will keep you engrossed from the very beginning.  


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