Mercury’s War by Lora Leigh

The Breeds, Book 16

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 042522418X

Reviewed by Shayna



Mercury Warrant was created to be one of the greatest Breeds ever to exist.  Both lion and man, Mercury epitomized the Breed ideal, until the day he heard his mate – the one woman born to be his and his alone – died and the lion inside him was caged, beaten down by drugs that scientists injected into him.  Though now free of the labs he was created in and one of the Breeds’ most trusted enforcers, Mercury still lives with the knowledge that he will never know what it means to have a true mate.  Until Ria Rodriquez shows up at the doors of Sanctuary, the Feline Breed compound, and awakens the lion within.  Mercury knows the sexy little clerk isn’t what she claims to be, and he’s determined to uncover all her secrets.

If Ria knows one thing, it’s how to blend in.  Sent to discover who has been leaking Sanctuary’s top secret information to an outside pharmaceutical company, Ria covers her fiery, passionate nature with drab clothes and a placid but firm demeanor.  The only problem being the gorgeous Breed enforcer determined to undermine her calm façade.  Ria has seen Mercury’s file, knows that he has had and lost a mate, and thinks he can never truly be hers.  Even so, Ria can’t resist the temptation Mercury offers.

As danger mounts and threats attack the very heart of Sanctuary, both Mercury and Ria find themselves battling both for the safety of the Breeds and for the growing bond between them.  But in a world where peril lurks around every corner and not everything is as it seems, can love survive?

Make sure you’re sitting down, because Mercury’s War is one meltingly erotic, knee-weakening thrill of a tale.  Lora Leigh has delivered a luscious, sexy love story wrapped in intrigue, adventure, and romance that is guaranteed to leave you begging for more.

Mercury is not only the epitome of what a Breed is considered to be, he’s the embodiment of what a hero should be.  He’s a deliciously strong, alpha male, with – and I really must include this – incredibly gorgeous eyes.  Even more importantly, his faith in his love for Ria, no matter what his files or tests tell him, is endearing. Additionally, his acknowledgment, trust, and appreciation of Ria’s own strength and intelligence are what completely won me over.

Ria, in turn, is one of my favorite of Ms. Leigh’s heroines.  She’s tough, capable, and incredibly intelligent.  She’s also vulnerable and masks what she truly needs in order to protect her heart.  Ria’s easy to love and identify with, and it made Mercury’s War all the more compelling a read because I was eager for her to find happiness with Mercury.

In addition to a great romance, Mercury’s War delves further into the Breed universe.  I’ll forgo saying much on the subject, as it is too fun and fascinating experience the development of the world, with all the twists and turns Ms. Leigh provides.  I will say that fans of the series will delight in learning more about the Vanderale family.  Additionally, Jonas Wyatt fans of the world will rejoice that the Director of the Bureau of Breed Affairs not only plays a large part of the book, but that Ms. Leigh opens up the story to include sides of Jonas we have only glimpsed before now.  Being on his territory, in his own mind, and dealing with his men, we get to see behind the machinations to the man beneath.  As an avowed Jonas admirer, I will say that his scenes were some of my favorite in the book and I dare any detractors not to love him after reading Mercury’s War.

The only thing I would wish for in this book is a little more attention to detail.  There were a significant number of small discrepancies from other books in the series, and each one drew me out of the story.  While it doesn’t considerably detract from my overall opinion of the book, I did find them distracting enough to note.

In the end, old and new fans alike will delight in the newest addition to Ms. Leigh’s wickedly sirenic series.  As passionate and untamed as the lion inside him, Mercury will capture your attention and not let go; his book can do no less.


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