Melting the Ice Queen by Laura Miks

Cobblestone Press


ISBN:  978-1-60088-257-9

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Kat starts a new job with a firm in Florida and finds she’s not fitting in very well with her co-workers.  The former New Yorker keeps to herself and does minimal socializing both in and out of the office.  She’s quickly gotten a reputation as “The Ice Queen” from both the men and women in the office.  This is put to the test when a fellow co-worker finds Kat rummaging the break-room reading shelf for material to read at lunch.  Kat is caught making fun of the romance novels and her challenge is to write something better.  If she wins, she’ll become one of the team; if she loses, she’ll be setup on a blind date.

When first reading Melting the Ice Queen, I thought WHAT? Then I went from perplexed to outright laughter, followed almost immediately by Hot Dang!  Kat has a vivid imagination and steps up to the plate remarkably well.  She also finds real life can live up to your fantasies if you just let your heart be open to taking a chance.  Wonderfully funny and a sexy read!


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