Master of Surrender by Karen Tabke

The Blood Sword Legacy, Book 1


Sensual Historical

ISBN: 978-1-4165-5089-1

Reviewed by Nannette



With William the Conqueror's permission, Sir Rohan du Luc and his fellow Black Swords have seized Alethorpe and it's people. Rohan plans to make Isabel of Alethorpe his greatest conquest. Isabel agrees to Rohan's demands to save her people but she refuses to give him her virginity.  As the two battle against their feelings for each other, foes surround them on every side. Isabel's betrothed wants her back, Rohan's brother Henri wants whatever Rohan has, and raiders are pillaging the surrounding villages. Between deceit and danger lies true love but will Rohan and Isabel be able to find it?

Master of Surrender is a story filled with brazen sensuality and thrilling action. It's intriguing, dark, and laced with passion. Rohan is a hardened warrior. His personality reflects all the hardships he suffered.  His feelings as he falls in love with Isabel are very well expressed. Isabel is brave and compassionate. She and Rohan are very well matched.  Isabel and Rohan push each other away, then pull each other back throughout the story. While I expected it because they are enemies, I was eager for them to stop fighting and start loving. Master of Surrender is very good. I especially enjoyed the back-story of how Rohan and his fellow knights began their journey together. It's dark and sinister and very interesting.


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