Marked by Moonlight by Sharie Kohler

The Moon Chasers, Book 1



ISBN: 978-1416542278

Reviewed by Amelia



Schoolteacher Claire Morgan is checking on an errant student when a dog attacks her, or so she thinks. When a strange man appears and instead tells her she's been attacked by a lycan, and will turn into one at the next full moon she thinks he's nuts. Especially when he tells her it's his job to kill her.

As an agent of NODEAL, a society of lycan hunters, Gideon March has killed many beasts in his day. So he's not sure why he can't kill Claire, even though he knows she's been infected. But he can't pull the trigger, and he finds himself in the unusual position of helping her.

As he spends more time with her, and their feelings for each other grow, Gideon knows there's only one hope for Claire. They must find the alpha of the lycan that attacked Claire and kill him, or else Gideon will have to kill her before she shifts, and hunts.

Marked by Moonlight is the first in a new, to me anyway, series called The Moon Chasers, and I'm happy to report that I enjoyed this book very much. Ms. Kohler has created a world that is fascinating and full of characters that will worm their way into your heart.

I loved Gideon, and his obvious concern for Claire, who didn't want to believe his tale of lycans but couldn't understand the changes coming over her. The way he convinces her shocked her, and me. Watching them come together after that was pure magic.

There is also a host of other characters I hope will be featured in other books, including Cooper and Darius. If you like a werewolf tale of good versus evil you’ll enjoy Marked by Moonlight. I love finding new series, and I'm glad this one came my way.


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