Lust by Jade James

The Vampire Oracle

Cobblestone Press

Erotic Paranormal Ménage

ISBN 978-1-60088-277-7

Reviewed by Nannette



Homicide Detectives Julian and Wrath Lopez are twins. They are also vampires hunting down their mate. They have waited ten years to claim Shauna Adams and now the time is right. Although Shauna seems to accept Julian and Wrath, there is still an obstacle in their way. Shauna is being stalked and he’ll stop at nothing to make her his.

Lust is a very hot story. It’s hard to get hotter than two sexy, intense, dominating vampires. Shauna is a very lucky girl. Not only do Wrath and Julian deeply desire her, but they are madly in love with her. Shauna is independent and strong and she’s willing to trust and accept Wrath and Julian unconditionally. Lust has a lot of hot sex, some danger and excitement as well. It moves a bit fast but it’s a good story.


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