Love Runes by Jay Lygon

Chaos Magic Book 2

Torquere Press


ISBN: 978-1-60370-370-3

Reviewed by Beth Anne



In Sam and Hectorís continuing love story, we find Sam doing his best to manipulate events around him and keeping secrets from his Master, Hector.  Conflicts arise from Hectorís jealousies and Samís insecurities with growing older and maturing, as well as Samís power-hungry ex-boyfriend having the audacity to show his face around Sam.

Incorporating Gods and Goddesses into the story makes it that much more enjoyable.  Sam as the God of Sex and Hector as the God of Love are explosive.  Some of the BDSM scenes were a little rough for me, but it was still interesting and core to their relationship.  Sam is so cute and Hector is so in love with Sam and willing to give Sam whatever he wants if he would only ask.  Love Runes also introduces Hector to Samís family and the Beltane celebration in a very non-traditional ďbringing the boyfriend home to meet the parentsĒ.  I enjoyed sitting down and laughing, crying, and embracing life with Sam and Hector and definitely recommend Love Runes.


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