Lord Viper by Ruth D. Kerce

Infernal Night, Book 1

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419915383

Reviewed by Indy



Lord Viper de L'Night is protective of his sister Starr and when she goes missing he will do whatever he needs to do to get her back.  Finding out that Lady Dominique Toussaintís cousin has her makes his job that much easier.  Lady Dominique is the ruling vampire on her lands and she doesnít know anything about the missing Starr, but what she does know is that she canít allow Viper to come in and take the lands that belong to her and her cousin.  Viper has always wanted Dominique even when he suffered through the lashing that left him scared at the hands of their Master.  Now he has Dominique where he wants her all he has to do is get her to submit and submitting is the last thing on Dominiqueís mind.

You never know how it will turn out when putting a ruling female vamp with a more powerful and aggressive male vampire. In Lord Viper, Ruth D. Kerce took a chance that she would be able to create a relationship where the heroine who was inherently strong wasnít overshadowed by the male lead. Iím happy to report that didnít happen, even though Dominique initially fought tooth and nail as she and Viper became closer they both learned the art of compromise where it mattered the most.  Still allowing Viper to take the lead when he needed to be in charge, I thought it was great to see him soften his stance and discuss issues with her without forcing his will and demands when it came to ruling what was hers. Iím really interested in seeing how this series evolves because there were definitely a few secondary characters I would love to see more of.


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