Loki Unbound by Gin Glynn

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Paranormal, HFN

ISBN: 978-1-60313-044-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.



The Orishi Goddess of Sensuality, Oshun, wanders the northern realms, when she stumbles upon a bound male tormented by the continuous flow of venom splashing on his face from a snake perched above.  The compassionate Oshun is appalled by this cruelty, and frees him, only to discover that the unfortunate one requires further attention, so she takes him home.   Oshun is unaware that she has just unleashed Loki, God of Lies, Asgardís Trickster, into the world.   Her act of kindness will come back to haunt her when Loki decides to seduce her.  In the meantime, he intends to help himself to everything his greedy paws can grasp, including her store of magic.  When the Aesir Gods and Goddesses track Loki to Oshunís realm, the Goddess soon faces the beginnings of trouble with a capitol T.

Loki Unbound carries lyrical flavor thatís part fancy and part folk tale.  Ms. Glynn is generous with her poetic imagery.  The whirlwind affair between Oshun and Loki lives up to its promise from start to finish.  With the additions of dry humor and raunchy sex, I was able to kick back and enjoy this story to the fullest.


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