Law’s Deliverance by Melany Logen

Loose Id

Erotic Futuristic

ISBN 978-1-59632-740-5

Reviewed by Nannette



Larissa is a Zorgian. She was captured and sold as a sex slave. Prince Alawn de Berg, “Law”, is expected to take a bride and a sex slave but Law doesn’t believe in the sex slave trade.  When he sees Larissa being auctioned off though, his overwhelming desire for her causes him to change his mind. Law is captivated by Larissa. Larissa is furious and refuses to become anyone’s slave. Law’s feelings for Larissa keep him from performing his duties. He is constantly bombarded by what’s expected of him. No one wants Larissa to stay but Law refuses to let her go. All around them are lies, deceit, and betrayal. They have no future together, but that doesn’t stop them from falling for each other.

Law’s Deliverance is a timeless tale of forbidden love. Law is royalty, bound by duty. Larissa is a slave. She’s considered lower class. Law’s Deliverance is a story where the girl from the wrong side of the tracks meets the boy from the right side of the tracks with a couple of twists. Princes, slaves, other worldly beings, out of the norm traditions, and tons of hot sex fill the pages. Law’s Deliverance is an erotic romance with the emphasis on erotic. I like Law and Larissa together. They have great chemistry, and the sex is very hot. I like how the story plays out and especially Law’s Deliverance’s touching and romantic ending.


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