Just Like Candy by Kimberly Kaye-Terry


Contemporary Interracial

ISBN-10: 0758222491, ISBN-13: 978-0758222497

Reviewed by Indy



He’s successful, a single parent with a thriving company, and has no time for flighty women. Why he’s unable to get “Candy” out of his mind is a mystery to Davis Strong. What adult woman calls herself Candy and wears clothing more appropriate for a teenager. Candy prides herself on her individualistic nature, she doesn’t conform to society’s expectations of how she should act, dress or behave. As a directory for a youth center she’s always there for the parents and children of the center.

When the father of one of her students comes to her for help with his bi-racial daughter she’s more than willing to assist the man who’s been the star of her steamy midnight dreams since she first laid eyes on him. Too bad he thinks she’s all wrong for the center, for the girls she mentors and especially for him.

As opposite as they are in nature, what they do have in common is their unstoppable chemistry, one that won’t be ignored or denied. Davis and Candy together are a match made in explosive heaven and one that has a promise of something more if they let it.

Sexy yet lackluster are the words I would use to describe Just like Candy, a tale about two opposing personality types who find a common thread in their combustible passion.  In the throes of a crisis with his daughter, Davis is trying to fight his uncomfortable attraction to a woman who leaves him panting like a teenage boy with the onset of puberty. Candy is flashy and adventurous but with that also comes her experience and direction with the young children she works with. Unconventional is what I would call the couple Kimberly Kaye-Terry has created. The backdrop of the plot about Davis’ past adds a slight depth to the storyline that outside of passion lacked any substantial storyline. I would really like to see this author raise the bar with her plots and create stories with more substance and not just fluff.


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