Jadenís Wicked Witch by Calista Fox

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419915833

Reviewed by Jo



Jaden is a sorcerer warrior for his world.  He is experienced in not only battles, but also finding and returning whatever the Oracle, his realmís queen, has requested of him.  However, this time might be a bit harder for him as Jaden must locate and return with the next Oracle.  Devinia Sparks has lived in the Earth realm for many years and she has become the unofficial leader of the witches that have been ordered here by the Oracle.  She is the Oracleís daughter who left the magical realm when not happy with how her mother was ruling it.  Now during her busiest time of the year, Devinia must also deal with Jaden and what his quest will mean for both of them.   In the magical realm, a forever love is forbidden for the Oracle, so what will happen to Jaden and his sexily wicked witch?

Jadenís Wicked Witch is a very sexy walk on the magical side.  Jaden never expected the trouble he would have on his quest was keeping his hands off Devinia.  Devinia has never agreed with how her mother and the past Oracles ran her world, so she left it.  Jaden and Devinia are faced not only with their forbidden love, but also with what returning could mean to them.  Devinia had me when I figured out she had rebelled from her mother by going to Earth and trying to help the exiled witches cope with their new lives.  Jaden never had a chance once he was sent for Devinia and I loved how Devinia turned the tables on him at the end when Jaden was willing to give up.  Ms. Fox shows how just because something has always been done that way does not mean itís the correct way.  Jadenís Wicked Witch is a humorous and magical way to spend a couple of hours and is a book that will remain in my library.


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