Initiating Christian by Emma Wildes

The Brothers of the Absinthe Club

Siren Publishing

Historical Romance

ISBN: 1-60601-085-9

Reviewed by Tanya



Lauren DeSerre is a young widow (28), but considered old by many of the ton.  She has not been seeing anyone since she parted company with the Duke of Bellingham before he started courting his wife Susan.  The scandal that swirled around her when she was with the notorious rake has made her want a lower profile now in life.  When the Duke approaches her for a favor on his brotherís birthday, she reluctantly says yes.  The Duke wants her to spend an evening with his brother Christian.  He knows that Christian has been in love, or at least lust, with Lauren for years.

Christian canít believe Lauren is the woman he is meeting.  He has loved her for years.  But she seems overly concerned that she is eight years older than he is.  He doesnít see this as an issue and will do whatever he can to make her see they are meant to be together and not to care about what the ton thinks.

Initiating Christian was a super hot and erotic view of historical England and the ton.  I loved that, in this case, there was only an eight-year age difference, but Lauren was torn over society. If he was older than her, there would have been no hesitation.  I loved to see a thoughtful sincere, non-rake portrayed as the main male character.  I also enjoyed the concern that Susan has for her husbandís fidelity, especially with his history.  But the main story was about Lauren and Christian, and I found this a wonderful love story, with lots of erotic sex thrown in.  I enjoyed Emma Wildesí Initiating Christian and think you will also.


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