If Wishes Were Horses by Sarah Leslie

Samhain Publishing

M/M Fantasy

ISBN: 1-60504-058-4

Reviewed by Raine



In a world of turmoil and war Alaric and Valarien find love and wish to be mated. Before their mating ceremony can take place Valarien, a Captain in the Queen's Guard, is called away. But a short distance later, Valarien knows something has happened to Alaric and turns back. Alaric has been burned and barely holding on to life when Valarien finds him. With scars marring his face Alaric turns Valarien away while under the influence of pain meds.

Six months later neither has made a move to recover the love they once shared. With a fairy ball coming up and a nosy friend who likes to play matchmaker, Alaric is dragged to the ball in the hopes that meeting with Valarien again will be the first step in reuniting the lovers.

Sarah Leslie weaves a beautiful tale with bittersweet moments, some despair and ultimately a truly rewarding conclusion to Alaric and Valarien's story. You can't help but fall in love with Valarien for loving Alaric so much. And you feel sorry for Alaric who yearns for Valarien feeling like he does not deserve aman so noble in the Queen's Court. If Wishes Were Horses is a must read for those M/M readers who have a soft heart for the underdog and for beautiful people who have the ability to see beyond the surface. I loved If Wishes Were Horses and think you will too.


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