Hawk’s Woman by Madeline Baker

Cerridwen Press


ISBN: 9781419917592

Reviewed by Indy



Orphaned at a young age, Hallie McIntyre was raised by a group of nuns in a convent where she’d planned to eventually take her own vows of celibacy. Hallie never imagined how her world would change when she came across a wounded man in dire need of her help. Assisting John Walking Hawk while he recuperates from his wounds opens Hallie’s eyes to the possibility that maybe there is more in life than prayer and abstinence. John Hawk is not a simple man; he’s a man on a quest to avenge the rape and murder of his dead wife. A man who comes with the stigma of Indian blood flowing through his veins as he hands out his own personal brand of justice to the men responsible for tearing his world apart. Nothing will come easy for a mixed breed and a white woman in a land where justice isn’t given to everyone and sometimes the weight of a person’s past can be deadly.

Set in a world long since gone, Hawk’s Woman is the tale of an innocent young woman who decides to follow her heart to happiness. Hallie was too naďve in the way of the world to be afraid of a man who was surely running from the law which made for a sweet love to build and grow. Taking a chance on Hawk, a man who couldn’t see past his need for vengeance, Hallie showed a strength that belied her age and experience. Madeline Baker’s novel will be considered by some a slow burning tale of romance. Outside of the instances of danger from varied enemies, human and animal, the story basically outlines a sweet and tender romance between a man who needs a reason to live again. A reason he didn’t realize he already had without the guidance of a young woman’s love. Hawk’s Woman is heart warming historical and one readers who like their romance to simmer before the big pay off will definitely enjoy.


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