Having It All by Jenna Byrnes

Unexpected Love, Book 3


Erotic Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-906590-80-2

Reviewed by Nannette



Mandy Stevens is surprised when after helping her with her car, handsome Nick Westchester sends her flowers. Mandy never expected to see Nick again. Heís way out of her league.  Nick really likes Mandy. She may not be his usual type, but heís intrigued by her innocence. Things move fast between them and soon Nick becomes more than Mandyís lover.  He becomes a shoulder to lean on when Mandy is confronted with a long lost relative who wants to be a part of her life. Also, there are some who donít want Nick and Mandy together. Will their scheming keep them apart?

The sex in Having It All is a little dirty and wild. Itís very hot!  It seems a little at odds with Mandyís conservative attitude and upbringing. Nick brings out her inner vixen! Nick is a stud. Heís handsome, suave, and really good with his hands. The romance does become very sweet at the end, although it moves a little fast. The introduction of Mandyís long lost relative feels like an additive rather than part of the plot. Itís a little out of place. Having It All is erotic and fun. Itís a fantasy for any girl who thought she couldnít get the hot guy on campus!


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