Griffin's Joy by Jade Buchanan

The Pridelands, Book 4

Changeling Press

M/M/F, Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-59596-847-0

Reviewed by Raine



Joy Coleman decides to go visit her brother, Mike, at the family cabin after finding out her cousin Aaron is no longer missing. Much to her surprise when she arrives she finds a whole new species of life, Felidae. More surprising is that her brother and cousins have found mates within the Felidae. But the biggest surprise is she fins herself drawn to a set of twins, Griffin and Mazin, within the Felidae. While the search is still on for Achan, things remain tense among the Pride and finding time to explore feelings is limited. But their time on earth is going to be cut short with the discovery of Achan and the rush to get him back to their homelands.

The fourth book in the Pridelands series, Griffin's Joy, brings another Coleman family member into the picture. Joy plus Griffin and twin Mazin equals heat. From first sights there is sexual tension between the three. As the Pridelands series continues and more characters arrive you continue to get to know the previous characters even better, something I really enjoy. An excellent read for all you fantasy sci-fi readers out there. And while you might be able to read this alone, it will be so much better you start with Darren's Surprise.


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