Genesis by Jet Mykles

Heaven Sent, Book 5

Loose Id

LGBT Erotic Contemporary, Yaoi

ISBN: 978-1-59632-604-0

Reviewed by Jo



In a freak accident, Brent fractures his hand just before the New Yearís Eve gig that Heaven Sent has agreed to.  This is a disaster for the band and now they all have to gather together to figure out what to do.  You would think that would be enough to make things crazy, but it is actually only the beginning, as the end of the current year has every couple trying to deal with problems that could come between them.  

While Brent and Hell are dealing with what this fracture might mean to Brentís career, a distance that canít be explained pops up between them.  The normal small things become larger when the unsure future looms ahead. It doesnít help that Brent wonders if the replacement guitarist might just be better than him and the band might not be missing him. 

Tyler has started thinking about his and Johnnyís future.  Well actually heís wondering if somehow a child could fit into it and just what Johnny might think on that subject.  Unsure on how to bring up the subject, Tyler lets it weigh on him and Johnny who is completely in the dark on what is going on tries to discover the reason for the tension he feels in their relationship now.

Darien shows up solo for the groupís rehearsals Ė the reason is Chris has a new client and he has had to stay to work on the matter.  Darien wouldnít be worried except this new client is Chrisí ex and Darien knows that he wants Chris back. When Chrisí arrival keeps getting bumped back for one reason or another, Darien begins to wonder if Chris is having second thoughts on their relationship.

Luc has just finished a new movie and is signed up for the sequel.  Reese knows itís a big break for Luc and is cheering for him with all he has. When Lucís onscreen ladylove shows up and starts acting like sheís the same in real life too, Reese is not exactly a happy camper.  Luc knows that his being away from Reese while the movie was being made was not easy for either of them. Now when he just wants to make up for lost time, Luc has to discover the reasons behind her actions before she drives Reese away.

Genesis is the latest Heaven Sent novella but the first in which all four couples are sharing the leading role.  All couples come to a point where their relationships are challenged and it seems like this New Yearís is the time for all of Heaven Sent.  There were several times where the individual couples made me hurt for them and the challenges they had to go through.  Even while I was reading along and falling for them all over again, I was coming to realize that this might be the last I saw of Heaven Sent and their partners for awhile (I refuse to accept or believe forever) which made the ending a bit bitter sweet.  I will be waiting along with many others for the next appearance of the band.

Genesis brought growth to Johnny, Tyler, Luc, Reese, Brent, Hell, Darien and Chris that only made me love them even more.  For the followers of Heaven Sent, this is a must have story.  If you havenít begun your acquaintance of the band and their partners yet, then I really must suggest you grab all five books and begin from the beginning.  I just know you will fall in love with these guys too and have to re-read their stories over and over again.


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