Garden of Stone by Melinda Barron

Changeling Press

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59596-920-0

Reviewed by Willow



For 201 years, Ursal Seagrave has been waiting at Seaton Court. She really had no choice in the matter. Another witch has killed her lover, Cadman, stolen her powers and turned her into a stone statue. Now horror writer Remington Chase has purchased and is renovating Seaton Court. But he wants to leave the gardens just as they are. They are the reason he bought the estate in the first place. Remington has always been drawn to the 32 statues, especially the woman reclining on a bench in the south garden. She was the inspiration for his very first story and has fueled more than few of his sexual fantasies.  On a whim, Remington changes the words to a spell and suddenly finds himself with a very cold but very much alive naked woman in his arms. And did she call him Cadman?

Garden of Stone was perfect for a few hours reading one weekend for me. While Ursal and Remington do heat up a few rooms in the old house, my favorite character is Remington’s best friend Kresley who also happens to be the decorator for the renovations of the estate. She won’t stay at the house after dark because it gives her creepy feelings and she tells him no uncertain terms that if she walks in and finds him dead, she’s kicking him in the bum. She’s such a good friend. I like Ms Barron’s style and imagination and this was a very nice get away before the busy weekend dragged me back in.


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