Fur and Feathers by Crymsyn Hart

Raven Saga, Book 2

Amira Press


ISBN: 978-1-934475-67-6

Reviewed by Lisa



An ancient curse turned Darius into a Raven Warrior, assigned to watch over special charges.  Darius spends his days in raven form, only allowed to take human form during the cycle of the full moon.

A werewolf father and a human psychic mother had given Alena the label of half-breed as a child by the pack.  After a severe beating by the pack leader and the accidental death of her parents, Alena grows up among humans.

Content with owning and operating a restaurant, Alena is appalled when her cousin Jaime locates her and begs her to return to the pack and help figure out who is murdering their children.  The death toll rises and a Raven Warrior is called in to help uncover the killer.  Sparks fly between Darius and Alena even though they wish the chemistry wasn’t there.  The clock is ticking however, and Alena may be the next target no matter what Darius does to try and save her.

Fur and Feathers brings together two diverse groups with a werewolf clan and the Raven Warriors in one multi-character saga.  The mystery and suspense is there but too much description sadly bogs down the excitement.  Also, Darius is hard to love, his bitterness and attitude, while perhaps appropriate to his original time period, grates rather than endears readers.  I wanted to like this unique paranormal but I just couldn’t connect with this story, plus the ending is clear out of left field.


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