Frontal Assault by Chevon Gael

E-Red Sage

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-603102025

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Angela and Rick Steele have been married for a long time.  Angela knows that his job is important and his deployments are dangerous.  What she has a hard time with is the lack of communication and intimacy they have when he is stateside again.  Bedroom antics have never been a cause for concern, but Rick’s inability to let Angela in his life as something more than a bed partner are grating on her. Angela finally has enough when Rick is back from a mission but has yet to come home. Grieving for her dead marriage but resilient in her decision, Angela tells Rick that she wants a divorce.  Rick is not happy and vows to make her change her mind. That’s all well and good, but he will have to find her first.

I found Frontal Assault to be a breath of fresh air in the plot department. Chevon Gael has taken very realistic issues concerning marriage and intimacy and written a highly erotic and emotionally intense novel with Frontal Assault.  I shivered with anticipation when I realized Rick wouldn’t let his marriage die without a fight. He was scrumptious! 

Frontal Assault pulls no punches. It is raw and gritty and scorching hot. I sweated and panted, and then reread it again!


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