Footsteps in the Dark by Josh Lanyon and Sarah black

Partners in Crime, Book 3

ManLoveRomance Press

Erotic M/M Suspense Anthology

ISBN 978-1-934531-15-0

Reviewed by Nannette



“I Spy Something Bloody” by Josh Lanyon

When British spy Mark Hardwicke is injured on the job, he calls Stephen Thorpe for help. Mark and Stephen were lovers, but Mark’s job keeps getting in the way. Mark is thinking of settling down but it seems that Stephen has moved on. While Mark and Stephan sort through their feelings, Mark’s job gets in the way again, but this time, it threatens their lives.

“I Spy Something Bloody” is an angst filled romance shrouded in suspense and action. The superb writing, engaging storyline, and great characters kept me glued to each page. Mark leads a very interesting life. It’s dangerous and exciting, yet lonely. Stephen is wonderful. He’s intelligent, and strong in body and mind. I love Josh Lanyon’s writing style!


“Murder At Black Dog Springs” by Sarah Black

Mike McCann and Logan Kee are good friends who fought in the war together. Mike was in the Navy and Logan was in the Marines. When Mike needs a break from reality after the fighting is over, he turns to Logan for some much needed peace. Although the men find something special in each other’s arms, peace is hard to come by. Mike’s family owns McCann Mining and they want to mine for uranium in the Lukachukai Mountain near Logan’s home. Things go from bad to worse when Logan and Mike have to fight for their love and their lives.

“Murder At Black Dog Springs” is very good. It’s a fantastic love story. Logan’s Indian heritage and lifestyle is extremely interesting as are Mike’s personal issues. Logan and Mike are very intriguing characters. I adore them together. Their chemistry and deep love for each other is very evident.  “Murder At Black Dog Springs” is a story of forbidden love. It is as interesting as it is romantic.


 Sarah Black’s “Murder At Black Dog Springs” is a heartfelt story and “I Spy Something Bloody” is exciting and angst filled.  Footsteps in the Dark has two suspenseful, romantic, and sensual stories. I look forward to reading more from both of these authors.


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