Finding Mr. Right is Murder by Shara Lanel

Liquid Silver Books

Contemporary / Mystery

ISBN: 978-1-59578-439-1

Reviewed by Cassie



Leanne Aimes is annoyed when her best friend, Jenny, cons her into helping with Jenny's latest business venture.  Her impractical friend has decided to start a sleepover dating service for adults, and she needs Leanne to even out the numbers.  Leanne agrees to come reluctantly.  To her surprise, she meets a very attractive man.  Then things get crazy.

 Private Investigator Gage Braxton signs up to attend one of the Pajama Dates parties because he’s got a tip that a drug deal might be going down there.  He plans to observe the party attendees and see who buys drugs from the man he suspects to be the supplier.  He doesn't expect to meet and be attracted to Leanne, or for a murder to occur.  Can Gage and Leanne solve the mystery?

Finding Mr. Right is Murder is a cute, if a bit too action-packed, mystery.  Leanne and Gage are both funny, stubborn, and smart, making them a good match.  Their first meeting is especially amusing.  I enjoyed their banter and the way they worked as a team as the story progressed.  An interesting cast of supporting characters makes up the rest of the Pajama Dates party attendees.  There are a couple of subplots, one involving Leanne's friend, Jenny, and another involving two of the partygoers.  Shara Lanel does a good job setting the scene, isolating the party, and getting the murder mystery started.  The only problem is there’s just too much there.  I won't say too much so as not to spoil anything, but there are way too many red herrings and each time it looks as though the culprit will be caught, there's another improbable twist.  By the time the killer was finally unmasked, I was losing patience with the mystery part of the story.  I didn't get tired of the romance between Leanne and Gage, however.  While Finding Mr. Right is Murder may have tried to cram a bit too much mystery into one book for my taste, as a whole it's a fun read.  


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