Finding Her Place by Midnyte Dupree

Resplendence Publishing


ISBN: 33-201-101-409-2

Reviewed by Lisa



The war is over and fighter pilot Cameron Cabot can rest easy knowing that Venusia is safe.  To celebrate Cameron and her best friend Simone are going to Planet Andro with Cameron flying at the helm.

The spirits of Methuse are worried about their people, children are not being created and born, and souls are not finding each other as they should be.  At the same time in Methusa’s physical world King Cerbeus has sent orders to Commander Mars Borella to find a partner and a mate.

Under fire from an unknown ship, Cameron crash lands on Methusa.  Cameron is separated from Simone, has a spirit meeting with Serene and later wakes up in bed lying with Mars and his best friend Dr. Noah Daymie.  Physical sparks fly between the three, which means nothing to Cameron and everything to Mars and Noah.  Destiny has played her hand and it’s time to grab hold or toss aside the chance of a lifetime.

Two sinfully seductive men make a play for one special woman in Finding Her Place by author Midnyte Dupree.  Career fulfillment pitted against a hollow heart allows heroine Cameron opportunities never before imagined.  Entertaining, excitement and ménage a trois evenings make Finding Her Place an enjoyable tale.  Hopefully we will be able to read about Simone’s adventures soon as well!


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