Final Reckoning by Emily Wade-Reid

Bouzwha Princess

Forbidden Publications


Reviewed by Nellie



Kristern grew up in a household were she was taught how to defend herself. A mother who was street wise and uncles who were involved in clandestine missions, it was no surprise that she was good at hand to hand combats or weapon wielding. Despite all the training, Kristern grew up in a very protective environment, it took some convincing on her part to finally loosen the paternal bonds and move out into her own apartment with Jered. Things start heating up for Kristern as there was an attempted kidnapping, a stalker and an attempted bodily harm upon her person. Jered was no help with his mysterious work and schedule which left Kristernís uncle and cousin as her official bodyguards.

First appearances can be deceiving as Jered found out about Kristern. Jered thought Kristern was just a boughzie and a perfect candidate for the Stepford wife, but the scales came off soon enough. As the threats on Kristernís life escalate Jered revises his priorities to the woman who was becoming more important in his life despite the danger he was putting her in, for loving her. Despite wanting a no string attached relationship Jered is drawn in and embroiled in the Corbett family history and mystery surrounding their past. At the end, Jered learns the meaning of family and love as the threat upon Kristinís life becomes desperate.

In Final Reckoning, though I could not feel the chemistry of the main characters, but it was still hot. The story was a speculation from beginning to the end on suspects causing mischief for the Corbett family. I would have wanted a little more history on the two main characters on their meeting and their falling for each other. The first two stories raised a bar and this was a little short for me, but I was not disappointed with the efforts of this author. I am guaranteed some heart stopping moments and anxiety basically my brain working on overdrive as the mystery, intrigue and suspense is unraveled in her stories.


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