Fiends with Benefits by Johnny Peregrine



ISBN: 978-1-59426-921-9

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Ben Watts had it all. He was handsome, enjoyed life, and worked and played hard.  One night however, life as he knew it changed in an instant when his neighbor inadvertently bit him and changed him into a werewolf.  Not happy at first with the way his life has to change, Ben slowly becomes accustomed to life as a shifter. The pack becomes his family and he in turn becomes their deadliest and strongest fighter. 

Benís life changes yet again when his pack leader turns him over to the vampire Mistress of the City as her slave. Ben goes from alpha to blood donor in a matter of minutes. Forced to be her blood donor and boy toy, Ben has a very hard time accepting his fate. More than once he thinks about and feels hatred towards his new mistress, but when her life is threatened, Ben has to be honest.  His mistress holds the key to his heart and his soul.

Fiends with Benefits is not a pretty romance. It isnít even very romantic, but it does catch your eye, and I found myself enthralled at the way Benís mistress dominated him.  Of course, I wanted to smack her with a flogger and put a ball gag in her mouth. That would have made me feel much better, and while Ben loved his mistress in his way, I despised her.  I wanted her to die, and I wanted it to be ugly.

Not for the faint of heat, Fiends with Benefits is very dominating and forceful. It is hard core BDSM at times and even I found it tough to read in certain spots. Johnny Peregrine has caught my attention and I want to read more from this author.


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